The Why

(Originally posted: 09/19/2016)

The Why

I’d been meaning to go back through these old blog posts for a while.  But every time I’d start, something else would come up.

Sooo, why now?

It started simply enough.  I was having a conversation with one of my linesisters via FB email.  We do this every so often.  Anyway.  We were talking about the whole Nate Parker rape case.  Somehow, we transitioned into gender roles, race-based assumptions, and stay at home moms.  I sent her something I’d read elsewhere.  I am assuming she just saw who wrote it and picked up the phone to call me.

I short, she told me what I should be doing, how I’m ‘a creative’, yadda yadda yadda.  From one creative to another, she said I need to do something because I have a way of explaining things, considering different angles, etc.  She also talked to me about working with other people.  I rehashed some things I’d been tossing around in my mind.  I won’t get into all f the specifics cus CONFIDENTIALITY.  But, I decided.

The next morning, I logged in and got started.  How could I get through 100’s of posts?   How would I decide which ones I’d post first?  Ugh.  I had some of the comments that were originally written in response to each post.  I’d start with those.  As I read, I realized that my most popular posts were about relationships or gender.  Interesting.  But I didn’t want to publish a bunch of things on the same topic.

I paused.

Then on Monday, I got to work a smooth fifty-five minutes early.  Getting to work at least thirty minutes early has become my new norm.  Instead of being pissed about it, I decided I could use the time to review and repost some of the stuff I’d written. And here we are.

I can’t say I will keep a strict schedule because life.  I also can’t promise I’ll do this long term because the things that entertained me once before don’t always give me the same glee when I take breaks and return.  But who knows.

I have to get the blogs from the early 2000’s retrieved.  Unfortunately, the service I used for the comments went bust and all of the comments are too.  Speaking of comments, I sent out a notification to the email addresses associated with the comments that survived from about late ‘Blogsome Bay’ to TPS (the original).  I offered to change email addresses and usernames because I believe a lot of people may not want to be associated with the things they wrote a decade ago.  LOL  A whole lot of emails bounced.  But there were a few who requested I make their content anonymous.  It was hard work.  They should send me fruit baskets and wireless earbuds for the iPhone 7.

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