About Text

I am an occasional blogger living a semi-charmed life in the DC metropolitan area.  I enjoy:

Short walks.  Walks to my car absolutely count!

Long naps.   Naps decrease crime.

Not-really-roughing-it Camping.  That’s right, your girl camps, can pitch a tent (minds out of the gutter), and start a fire.

Crafting. You can catch her with no less than four incomplete projects tucked away.  They all eventually make it to completion and are fabulous.

Favorite Color:  ‘Shiny’  When in doubt, bedazzle it out!  I spent twelve years in Detroit.  How can I not like tacky things?

Being efficient.  Making bullet-point lists and completing all of the tasks pleases me.

Cooking.  Mainly because I like eating.

Favorite restaurant:  Proof  I am over the wine, cheese, and food.  It’s really about the great memories I’ve made there (and continue to make).

Obsessing over spot removal.  I carry a Tide to Go instant Stain Remover at all times.  I’ve been a true believer since I used one to get rid of a wine spill (an entire glass).

Preparing for the zombie apocalypse.  I have totally thought about all the ways to fortify my home and keep a running list of the things I would get during the initial looting.